We design interiors
that go beyond
mere interiors

We are a studio focused on interiors and everything associated with them. Our design process is based on experimenting and balancing opposites. We reassess all ideas and put them, piece by piece, into strong and original concepts. No space is the same, that is why every interior is a challenge for us.

We will walk through the project with you from first meeting to realization. We always try to fit precision together with your feelings into every design to create a functional solution.

We draw experience from each new realization and try to reinvent it into highly functional and aesthetically valuable interior designs. Throughout the whole duration of the project, we value personal contact and mutual connection.

Your project will pass through the hands of each of us.
You're invited to join the team.

We design interiors that go beyond mere interiors



Tadeáš Kotyk
project management

+420 603 592 993

Tereza Drasíková
interior designer

+420 776 669 030

Tomáš Hucek
interior designer

+420 727 884 346

Petra Jašicová
interior designer

+420 736 194 733

Alexandr Nový

+420 739 802 834


Dalimilova 925/11
130 00 Praha
The Czech Republic

+420 739 802 834